Her Story

I fell in love with clay before I ever touched it. I literally decided one hot August day in 2003 I would become a potter. I took one beginner class then hopped on a plane headed for Namibia, Africa to study under master potter, John Hunter. I think this is where I say, The Rest Is History. 

I was classically trained to throw on the wheel making functional forms. Over the years I began experimenting with deconstructing my thrown forms and re-assembling them as  functional and sculptural pieces. I’m currently absorbed in combining multiple thrown forms  to make a complete sculptural composition. It’s music in contactual form.

Working as a solo artist exclusively in porcelain clay, I create every sculpture out of wheel-thrown forms, nothing is extruded. I absolutely adore porcelain clay, its silky texture, its translucence, its strength and durability. I pay very close attention to details and expect my art to stand out as one-of-a-kind.

Each piece is wheel-thrown, using a high-quality porcelain clay body. I focus on weight, ergonomics, and a refined simplicity of design when creating my work. I strive to make pieces silently evoke the observer to touch, grasp, and feel the object.