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Aimée Ceramics Gallery



The Beauty Of Connection: Smaller Pieces Forming The Whole

Explore Aimée's Pieces In 3D

Wall Hangings


Functional Line

Formed to speak loud as nature while hinting at a human element

See Pieces in 3D to view entire piece

by clicking the play button on the images. The 3D model will load. Once loaded you can zoom and rotate to experience the whole piece.

On a Laptop or Desktop:

  • Click the Play button
  • Once it loads
  • To rotate, hold click and drag the model up, down, left, right or diagonal
  • To zoom in place 2 fingers on the track pad and slide your fingers down                
  • To zoom out place 2 finger on the track pad and slide your fingers up

On a Phone or Mobile Device:

  • Press the Play button
  • Once it loads
  • To rotate, slide finger to left, right, up, down or diagonal
  • To zoom in, pinch two fingers together
  • To zoom out, from pinch pull to fingers apart