Holy chickens, the summer is hot and blazing upon us! It's a hulking, sweaty man that you just can't get off your fury little tail. Speaking of furry little tail, my cat Tiger (pictured photo-bombing the tiles) somehow managed to scrape up the side of his face and now must wear the cone of shame holy shame around his head. Let me tell you, he is LOV'N life right now. Banging and scraping the sides of doors, walls, floors, and basically everything else, has him wishing he had been adopted into another family, ANY other family but ours. He just can't get any of those itches satisfyingly scratched and we've quarantined him to the house, torture for our outdoor-loving cat. 

On a personal note, we've had a brutally eventful couple of months. I will not go into details now, but will post a following blog to explain further for those of you interested in such happenings. I mention it here to set me up for the following statement: I have not been very productive in the studio for the month of June. In fact, I think I've logged in a total of twelve pathetic studio hours this last month. Lame sauce. But necessary in a time like this. Again, wait for future posts. 

During those twelve precious hours I've made some smaller tiled wall sculptures. These ones will be mounted to a 10x10" stretched and painted canvas to hang on the wall. They will turn out amazing. I feel it. 

I've also been thick in creating some wedding registry sets. The second photo is a little glance into how those are coming along (full-discolsure is this is a shot from two months ago, but the actual registry pieces will look like this in about five more studio hours.) 

Happy sweaty sunny summer!