Working exclusively in translucent porcelain clay, each sculpture is made using wheel-thrown forms that are altered, added to, and constructed to interlock with corresponding pieces.

STEP 1: Sketch, Sketch, And More Sketching. Once I Decide On A Form, I Make Detailed Plans.


STEP 2: I Work Exclusively In Translucent, Porcelain Clay.


STEP 3: I use a wheel to throw my original shapes.  They are perfectly symmetrical at this point.

STEP 4: Next, I alter these androgynous forms by rolling, cutting, or using other hand methods to customize each individual volume.

STEP 5: My sculptures use a unique process of creating interlocking shapes that  t together.  is means detailed engineering of the clay, which allows me to glaze each piece individually.

STEP 6: First fire. This is bisque firing prepares the pieces for glazing.

STEP 7:  The glazing process involves layering 8 different glazes either by wiping on, dipping, and/or spraying. I then connect the individual pieces together in a gas-kiln where the glazes fuse the entire sculpture together during the course of a 20-hour firing.

STEP 8: The result of combining multiple ceramic forms creates a unique sculptural composition.